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Less Feet, Less Footprint: Do the environmentally concerned intend to have less children?

carbon-footprintPopulation matters, in all spheres of our lives. The exponential growth of the world population is bound to bring challenges that we are probably not able to anticipate. Optimists argue that more people promises more innovation and ingenuity simply from probability: larger populations have better chances of discovering a genius that will come up with a great invention to save the planet. While waiting for the genius to be born, the effects of growing populations are increasingly visible, for rather obvious reasons: more people simply need more resources. More people means more demand for food and water, more carbon dioxide emissions, probably more poor than rich, more headaches for social security systems, and simply more pressure on the planet and its resources. It has become difficult to deny anthropogenic causes of climate change, and relevant questions concerning the optimum sizes of global populations are being asked in scientific as well as popular discussions. Weiterlesen