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SDG 2: Zero Hunger

Seen as the probably greatest solvable problem on the planet hunger affects the lives of over 840 million people who go to bed hungry every night. That fact leaves us with a number of 795 million people undernourished. The vast majority of those people live in developing countries. Neither unusual nor very surprising large-scale problems like hunger affect mostly the weakest, but most important part of our society and our future – the children. Poor nutrition causes nearly half of the deaths of children younger than five years old, which sums up to 3.1 million deaths each year. One in four of the world’s children suffers stunted growth, mostly due to hunger and malnutrition. Just in Africa 23 million primary school-age children have to attend classes hungry. Those overwhelming and dramatically high numbers of human suffering display the inequity and ineffectiveness in the global production and distribution of human kind’s basic need – food.