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Die EU als Kreislaufwirtschaft?! Der 10. oikos Talk mit ARA-Vorstand Dr. Christoph Scharff

ara2Zum 1. Geburtstag von oikos Talks im Dezember freuten wir uns besonders, dass wir den Vorstandssprecher der ARA (Altstoff Recycling Austria AG) Dr. Christoph Scharff als Gast begrüßen durften und so einige spannende Details und Hintergründe zum neuen Circular Economy Package der Europäischen Union erfahren konnten. Weiterlesen

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CEE Meeting Day 3 – Story of Waste

MVA PfaffenauAfter two amazing days there came an even more amazing third one. Morning tiredness vanished quickly after seeing the first sun rays promising a great sunny day. We had breakfast in the hostel and then headed to the super modern futuristic magnificent campus of WU. Weiterlesen

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CEE Meeting Day 3 – „The best waste is avoided waste“

10626447_475059065952645_423850433764639479_nIt was a very productive Friday at the oikos CEE meeting in Vienna which began with a wonderful healthy breakfast at the hostel – not to forget the sweet bread and coffee which I particularly enjoyed. After the breakfast we headed to the Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU – Vienna University of Economics & Business) where we were inspired by the brilliant lecture on “waste management” given by Mr. Benjamin Steuer (Circular Economy Researcher, WU).


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A Sneak Peek into the CEE Meeting 2015

cee invite coverWhen Anna first introduced the question whether or not to host the CEE Meeting this year, we were all a bit skeptical if we could really pull it off because we are quite a new chapter. oikos Vienna is only turning three this August, so we have literally no experience in hosting an international meeting. Plus: What should the meeting be all about? Where can we get the funds? When should it be? Where to start?!

A lot of questions, but in the end we couldn’t get the idea out of our heads anymore so we said: „YES WE CAN!“  Weiterlesen