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oikos Spring Meeting 2016 in Lille, France DAY 3 & 4

12476695_1019421781485713_372674717_oDAY 3: hold up, project fair, goodbye-party

After having breakfast at the hostel, we moved to the EDHEC campus, where we had our very first hold up. This hold up was held to help finding solution ideas for the NGO bloom, without a lot of information in advance to increase the creativity of possible solutions. Being a member of the NGO’s team, Frederique Le Manach introduced us to the problem they are currently facing: no transparency of subsidies in the fishing sector. Weiterlesen


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Starökonom Joseph Stiglitz an der WU Wien

20151130030351Was Wanda, Bilderbuch und Co bei echten Fans in der Musikszene auslösen, das schafft der internationale Starökonom Joseph Stiglitz bei Ökonomie Fans – am Sonntagnachmittag füllte sich das Audimax der WU Wien, um dem geladenen Gast zur Vorstellung seiner aktuellsten Bücher zu lauschen. Weiterlesen

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Micro-finance: one of the solutions – guest contribution

Micro financeMicro-finance is said to be the solution to poverty in developing countries. Grameen Bank is not the biggest institution from this growing sector, but it is probably the most iconic one. Through Grameen Trust, the model has been exported from Bangladesh to 40 other countries and, as you all know, Muhammad Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Award on 2006 for his success in fighting poverty through this model.


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Kick off 2015/16 – Let’s get started!

12038630_476291779162707_4790783021605447546_oFür uns vom Vorstand hat das neue oikos Jahr ja schon etwas früher mit einem Klausurwochenende Ende September gestartet. An diesem haben wir nicht nur reichlich gegessen, geplaudert und gespielt, sondern vor allem auch sehr intensiv gebrainstormt, diskutiert und geplant, wie es weitergehen soll mit oikos Vienna und welche Projekte und Events im kommenden Semester stattfinden sollen. Das Ergebnis des Wochenendes haben wir letzten Sonntag nun im Rahmen des Kick offs offiziell präsentiert. Weiterlesen

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COMMIT meets GRLI – introducing management education to the needs of the 21st century

© COMMITFollowing a very successful spring meeting organised by oikos London we finished our trip to the island with a workshop focusing on the campaigning strategy for COMMIT, led by Chris Taylor from the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI). COMMIT is an initiative which evolved from the Management Education learning circle held at the oikos FutureLab in St Gallen in November 2014. Weiterlesen

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Spring Meeting 2015: Day 3 – Towards a Sustainable Finance System

Anhang 1Day 3 started with a lecture from Simon Zadek about HOW to finance a sustainable future. In his role as Co-Director of the UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System he could give us a quite an interesting insight what is already happening on the markets right now. Weiterlesen