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What money alone can’t solve – leadership in sustainable urbanisation and the power of small in a big world

This year the oikos Central Eastern Europe (CEE) Meeting took place in Baku, Azerbaijan and therefore finally satisfied Anna’s wish to visit the place ever since she planned on going to the Baku Summer School the first time about five years ago. The topic of this years’ CEE meeting has been Leadership in Sustainable Urbanization. Being ignorant uninformed Europeans not really knowing much about countries located East to the Black Sea but not yet as far as the Middle East we couldn’t really relate this topic to Baku. So we figured we have to make our way over to see what this was all about. With basic travel guide knowledge (Melanie) and most adventurous jumping into the unknown (aka Anna most times too confused to get informed beforehand) we got to Baku a few days in advance in order to get acclimated, snoop around by exploring sites and local cuisine.


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A Sneak Peek into the CEE Meeting 2015

cee invite coverWhen Anna first introduced the question whether or not to host the CEE Meeting this year, we were all a bit skeptical if we could really pull it off because we are quite a new chapter. oikos Vienna is only turning three this August, so we have literally no experience in hosting an international meeting. Plus: What should the meeting be all about? Where can we get the funds? When should it be? Where to start?!

A lot of questions, but in the end we couldn’t get the idea out of our heads anymore so we said: „YES WE CAN!“  Weiterlesen