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A wonderful week full of self-development, educational methods and sustainability projects – Edutopia Summer School 2018

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On 7 July 2018, 14 participants from many different countries and diverse professional backgrounds and the Edutopia team came together from all around the world to start the Edutopia Summer School 2018 in Vienna. The goal of Edutopia is to develop a new model of university education for future changemakers, showing that a space of freedom and inspiration enables learning on various levels.

On the first two days, we learned a lot about the history of Vienna and the current lifestyle in the city. We did many fun teambuilding exercises, found out about our different learning types and were introduced to the four different business cases we would work on for the rest of the week. After only a few hours, we had created a very strong team spirit and a fun, deep and trustful atmosphere in the group. One of the highlights was an outdoor workshop on the creative method of Dragon Dreaming, which is a helpful tool to form visions and make a team work together smoothly, inspired by the Aborigines.


The participants then split into four groups, in which they worked on different business cases during the rest of the week. The cases included sustainability strategy consulting for an industrial company, business development for a social startup that works on the inclusion of disabled people, strategy consulting for a sustainability student network and market research on waste recycling in Vienna. For further insights and tools to boost our casework, we were given many interesting workshops during the week and had the opportunity to get helpful feedback from industry experts. On Friday 13 July, every group presented their results in a pitch festival, and since we had learned about the importance of celebrating success in our Dragon Dreaming workshop, this had to be accompanied by a lovely party at Ammerlinghaus.

Workshops during the week addressed a variety of topics such as Social Entrepreneurship, Non-violent Communication, Multidisciplinary Research, Pluralist Economics, Arts in Management, Education for Sustainable Development and a Climate Change Simulation Game.

What I personally enjoyed the most were Chris Taylor’s beingsessions every morning, in which we worked on our values, strengths, our personal gift for the world and our barriers.

I am beyond grateful for having been part of this amazing summer school and would love to stay in touch with this inspiring group of people. After having participated in Edutopia I am motivated to help transform the future of education. Education shapes societies – and with the right methods and mindset it can shape the citizens our world needs to tackle global challenges.

„Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.“ – Margaret Mead

written by Kathrin



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