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oikos Spring Meeting 2016 in Lille, France DAY 3 & 4

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12476695_1019421781485713_372674717_oDAY 3: hold up, project fair, goodbye-party

After having breakfast at the hostel, we moved to the EDHEC campus, where we had our very first hold up. This hold up was held to help finding solution ideas for the NGO bloom, without a lot of information in advance to increase the creativity of possible solutions. Being a member of the NGO’s team, Frederique Le Manach introduced us to the problem they are currently facing: no transparency of subsidies in the fishing sector. The process of the hold up was the following: we were divided into groups of 6-10 people and had to discuss how the NGO bloom could get information from the government regarding the subsidiaries for the fishing sector in France. Not only do they want to know the number and amounts of subsidiaries granted, but also to whom and for what. The problem however is that they had already requested information, but the French government rejected any disclosure on this issue. Therefore, every group had to discuss how to get this information and could also ask up to 10 questions to Frederique Le Manach. Thereafter, the groups were combined to a bigger group of about 15-20 people, where we had to further discuss and brainstorm on given questions. In the end, every group presented their solution(s) to Frederique and got feedback.

After lunch, the day continued with the project fair, where we had the chance to present oikos talks and oikos academia and also to get more information on current project from the other chapters.


Before the pitch contest, the oikos Lille team organized an international sweets exchange, where we had the change to taste many different delicious sweets from all over the world. We brought “Mannerwafferl” and “Wiener Zuckerl”njom njom 🙂

For the pitch contest we got together in groups of 5 or 6 to come up with an idea on how to improve a city’s social and/or environmental issue. Every group had very creative ideas, from facade greening with the slogan “green it up and cool it down”, speaking city trash cans for correct recycling, organization to give female refugees language classes and connect them with local women, or future green cities with cable cars. However, in the end the pitch about the socio- and ecofriendly „GOODJIM“ [good gym] won with regards to idea and presentation.

As sad as it is, all good things need to come to an end. This was the last official day of this year’s spring meeting. We ended by a nice goodbye-dinner at a local restaurant called La Pâte à Sel. However, for most of us the day was not just yet over and continued with some drinks and a long party night.


And of course we had to do a red wine tasting 😉


DAY 4: Time to say goodbye.

After a very short night, we had to pack and check out of the hostel. As we had some time before our bus back to Vienna, we took advantage of that and went to the city center of Lille to check out some more places. Julia, our very professional tourist guide 😉 showed us St. Maurice Church and the Grand Place.

We almost got trapped in a chocolate shop buying some delicious macarons and caramel.


At 2.30 pm we started our 18h bus trip back to Vienna, where we arrived exhausted but very happy and inspired about the past days. We had a great time in Lille and want to especially thank oikos Lille for the organization.

Oikos Spring Meeting 2016 in Lille

by Julia S. and Michaela

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