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FutureLab 2015: Day 1 – #MakeEducationMatter

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Anhang 4The oikos FutureLab is the flagship event of the oikos year and takes place in St. Gallen every Autumn (e.g. Anna & Andrea visited last year). This year over 100 participants from four continents travelled to Switzerland with one goal: #MakeEdcationMatter!

This was the very inspiring theme of the two-day conference which started on Tuesday with the Member’s Meeting. At the official warm-up all active oikees had the chance to get know each other a little bit better and reflect on the role of awareness and mindfulness in our current education system and what we would like to change about it.

Anhang 3During the rest of the morning we had to chance to hear other opinions about it what are the challenges in management education from none other than John Elkington, an authority in the field of sustainability and developer of the „Triple Bottom Line“ concept as well as Martin Kalunga-Banda from the Presenting Institute and Anita Negri, president of oikos International (read her article about day 1 of the CEE Meeting here). They all agreed that there are fundamental challenges we have to face, however, that now is the time for change as we live in the „breakthrough decade“. We have to open our mind, heart AND will (read: guts) to be able to #MakeEducationMatter and Better!

After lunch with Zum Guten Heinrich (a gastronomy start-up from Zürich) several speakers talked about what we have already learned in the past view years. For example Sascha Spoun, president of the Leuphana University Lüneburg, talked about its different approach towards management education and entrepreneurial thinking with special orientation week and the offer of a „Studium Indivduale“ where students can make their own study plan during the first semester and choose whatever courses they like. Furthermore, Regina Vogel introduced Climate-KIC Switzerland and Jacqueline Spühler and Tina Zybar from IBM talked about the Corporate Service Corps where teams with people from all continents are sent to emerging countries for a month to help a NPO/NGO.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the different Learning Circles where we had to chance to work on the specific educational issues of the field and develop initatives to address them. All participants could choose from six different topics: Entrepreneurship, Energy, Fashion/Supply Chain, Economics, Finance and Management. Whereas Christoph attended the Economics LC, I was part of the Management Learning Circle which was organized by the COMMIT team. However, more about the Learning Circles in detail in own posts soon, so stay tuned 😉

Day 1 of the FutureLab was wrapped up beautifully with the drawings of Ursula „Uzzy“ Arztmann, the Visualist“, who visualized what happened during the whole day to see for everybody:

Anhang 1-2Anhang 4-3Anhang 3-2








Really impressive in my opinion!

After a really long but also interesting day we finally had the chance to relax and enjoy a very nice three-course Dinner. On top of that, we also had a reason to celebrate as our last year’s president Anna got elected as member of the Exective Board of oikos International! Congratulations, oikos Vienna is really proud of you and we are sure you’ll do a great job as EB member 🙂

Anhang 2


by Astrid

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