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CEE Meeting Day 1 – Welcome to Vienna, DIYing and Networking

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_MG_1542On a very warm, windy and pleasant Vienna day, the oikos CEE Meeting 2015 commenced. Participants travelled from more than seven countries to be united in learning more about the concept of Circular Economy and generate a flow of interesting perspectives and ideas to share.

After, mostly, very long journey, and having overcome delays caused by Europe’s state of immigration emergency, participants were welcomed at their place of accommodation. Positioned right beside the Westbahnhof, the hostel chosen by the organisers is composed of cosy and welcoming rooms. Participants wandered into their shared rooms, hands full of a wonderful goodie bag, a bottle of ChariTea (or LemonAid) and lots of enthusiasm that masked their fatigue.
_MG_1570Once quickly refreshed, participants were escorted to the headquarters of Global 2000, a Vienna-based NGO working on sustainability projects. There the organisers kicked-off the meeting with two ice-breakers and a round of introductions. Once inside the workshop room, Linnéa Richter, a certified green cosmetics educator, introduced the group to the concept of sustainable cosmetics. First, statistics were introduced such as the fact that, on average, Europeans utilise 10-15 ‘beauty’ products per day. Second, she highlighted that it is difficult for the plastic used to package cosmetics to degrade and be recycled, thus, making the cosmetics industry unsustainable in nature. Third, the focus was shifted onto the ingredients that cosmetic products contain: adding onto the ‘unsustainable’ and ‘unhealthy’ factor. In order for the group to understand how easily one could avoid using commercial products and turn to using DIY products, Linnéa, guided participants to make their own deodorant and body butter. Participants were amused and surprised by how basic, fast and affordable it is to re-create mainstream products in a 100% natural fashion. The body butter was created out of apples, cinnamon, water and bee wax. The deodorant was composed out of oranges, lemons and baking soda. The results were colourful, pretty and participants took one sample of each product home.
_MG_1506Dinner was, immediately after, served as most guests were hungry after their long travels (the only thing most participants had eaten throughout the afternoon was a Manner donated to them in their goodie bags, cucumbers and some apples with cinnamon stolen whilst making the body butter). In order to please my Italian roots, I assume, the dinner entailed pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza, orange juice and a just-out-of-the-oven strudel. The networking dinner, that left near to 0 waste, was followed by a presentation of the hosting NGO and the screening of a movie about a legal but disturbing garbage dump in a small Turkish village titled “Polluting Paradise”.

The issue of waste accumulation is reaching threatening proportions. oikos wishes to continue raising awareness and creating solutions, and the CEE Meeting crowd is ready to be part of the movement!

Anita Negri

oikos President

PS: On my behalf a big thank you to the oikos Vienna team for always delivering great projects and for hosting us within their best capacities. Good luck with the projects in the coming academic year!

More pictures of the CEE Meeting are and will be posted on Facebook!

The oikos Vienna CEE Meeting Team wants to thank its sponsors:











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