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Spring Meeting 2015: Day 4 – Time to say Good bye!

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© Melanie KlugSometimes time really passes by too fast! After waking up on Sunday I realized that I already have to pack my stuff and fly home in the afternoon. However, I would fly home slightly different compared to my arrival.
Thanks to the conference I gained some interesting insights into the financial world. There was one lecture which really helped me to understand how debt is created and how banks could and still can grow so fast from an economic point of view.

One highlight during the breaks was that we were served with food from NGO’s like the People’s Supermarket. In UK the retail market is divided into four major retail chains. Therefore, they can put high purchasing pressure on the producers of goods and pay their staff often not appropriate. This fact and that a lot of supermarkets throw away products which are still good led to the © Karl Maureridea of the people’s supermarket. If persons commit to work for 4 hours per month, in a suitable position for them, they can buy cheaper food at the People’s Supermarket. The concept seems to work as the NGO is growing and can already afford to employ also fixed staff and train young people. To find out more about the people’s supermarket I can really recommend you to visit their website. And moreover, to follow my Twitter account as I am also really into retailing and like to share interesting ideas: @karl__maurer.

Apart of the lectures the contact with other oikos chapters and the persons behind it was really interesting. Beside the talks there was also some spare time to focus on own interests so I could go to visit the London Transport Museum and a few bars and cafés in the evenings. Especially the Transport Museum is worth the visit! There you can explore the history of London public transport from 1800 till the future days. And there are also interesting time spans covered. For example the impacts of World War 1 and 2 on public transport. And did you know that already 1895 the first battery bus was driving in the streets of London?

© Karl Maurer

© Karl MaurerBut now let’s come back to our last day: Sunday. Unfortunately due to typical London weather the planned trips throughout the city of London were cancelled and the chapters organized a program by themselves. There were also two working groups scheduled on Sunday. One was the President’s Meeting and the other was the Management Learning Circle (COMMIT). I attended the President’s Meeting. In it we focused on how we can evolve our way of thinking with different games and some reflective sessions.

At my journey to the airport I did some cheap sightseeing in a typical London bus and was once more fascinated by the pulsating city. After somehow over-regulated queuing at the airport we managed to get our flight on time back to Vienna. And guess who brought the rain from London? 😉

– by Karl

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