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Spring Meeting 2015: Day 1 – Discovering The Crystal

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There we are – London: Beatles, Big Ben, a gherking shaped building and driving on the other side of the road. Mission: The oikos Spring Meeting 2015. 6 People from oikos Vienna are attending this meeting this year and we’re taking you with us on that journey with our daily blog. Leave us a comment or just follow our adventure on this blog in the most exciting city in Europe.

A Warm Welcomeimage

We were warmly welcomed with lovely handwritten name tags and motivating words from the organisation team. Thursday was an enjoyable start. The presidents were starting off with the presidents‘ meeting brainstorming and exchanging their knowledge and experiences.

Trip to the Docklands

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeing all back together in quite a big group of oikees from all over the place we made a trip to something called „The Crystal“ (by Siemens). Most of us where not really sure what to expect because the name doesn’t really give you a hint. And also the location – Docklands – is not really a place you know when you’re not a local I think. But that’s what made the whole trip much more interesting.

Entering the shiny, we can say crystal shaped building we slowly catched the thrift what awaits us: an exhibition about sustainable developement focusing on water, public transport, emission, biodiversity, waste of resource, health and much more related topics.

Spread all over the room were questions, quotes and facts that made us think and made us discover this interactive showroom and it got us into interesting conversation with our new oikos friends.




Typical Fish and Chips Dinner

Getting that input let us slip into the meeting very gently I think – definitely a good excursion to start off with. A typical fish and chips dinner formed the end of our first day here in London.

I can’t wait for all the lectures and workshops that are waiting for us.

– By Melanie

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